Executive Image Consultant

Diane Kimbrough, Lunch and Learn WHO NEEDS AN EXECUTIVE COACH?

Anyone with their eyes on success needs a coach. Just as every professional athlete has a coach, every business professional will benefit from coaching as well.

Executive Coaching will help your organization:

  • Create a culture of enthusiasm and motivation
  • Value new ideas and welcome change
  • Build a better team environment and improve morale
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Improve customer service

Executive Coaching will help you:

  • Create a more professional presence
  • Make a stellar impression
  • Build a personal brand that communicates the values and image of your organization
  • Develop the “people skills” that lead to success
  • Improve self-confidence
  • Polish your business etiquette
  • Deliver engaging presentations
  • Find work/life balance

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Services Available

From entrepreneurs to executives, professional development seminars give you and your company an edge over the competition.


Diane Kimbrough is an in-demand speaker known for infusing an audience with energy, enthusiasm and great take-away moments.


These fast-paced, interactive one-hour seminars are geared for groups of every kind. Chock-full of valuable information on popular topics, Snap Seminars are perfect for employee Lunch & Learns, conference break-out sessions, or why not treat a group of clients to one. In a snap, you’ll become a more energized business professional with a sharp, fresh outlook.

  • Seven Seconds of Magic: Making a Stellar First Impression In business, it’s all about relationships. Leap onto the path to greater success by making an outstanding impression every time.
  • You Thought You’d Heard It All: Executive Listening Skills To listen well is as powerful a means of influence as to speak well. By learning the keys to active listening, you will increase your productivity, and your ability to influence, persuade and negotiate.
  • Getting Off the Tightrope: Finding Work/Life Balance Balance is not about having more free-time, it’s about learning techniques that allow you to gain control over when, where and how you choose to live personally and professionally.
  • Business Etiquette, It’s More Than a Handshake Business Etiquette is not a behavior code, but a philosophy based on creating an atmosphere of consideration, trust and integrity in the workplace, that ultimately leads to growth, prosperity and… success!
  • 5 Secrets to Creative Thinking Business forecasters tell us that creativity and innovation are among the most important factors in establishing and maintaining a competitive edge. In this highly interactive session, you will learn 5 Secrets to unlock your creative process.


  • Yes, You Really Are That Good! Techniques in Building Confidence
  • Social Graces Still Count From the business lunch to the golf course to the office party
  • The Brand Called YOU Dress to Impress (A for-women-only version is available, too.)
  • Presentations That Captivate Learn to engage an audience verbally and visually
  • Gaps – They’re Not Just a Pair of Jeans Understanding generational differences in the workplace

If you have a topic of particular interest, Diane can create or customize a program just for you.


  • One-on-One Coaching on your Next Presentation Do you want to captivate your audience? Do you want your presentations to make a lasting impression? Do you want to have more confidence in yourself as a presenter?

Diane is highly skilled in coaching individuals who are making presentations or representing the company in live appearances. She can assist in speech writing as well as coaching the actual delivery of presentations.

  • One-on-One Consultations Create a more dynamic executive presence. In this highly competitive business world, learn how to make “Success!” your personal brand. Appropriate for every level of business professional, these one-hour sessions are customized to meet each individual’s needs from personal appearance, to communication, expanding your creativity, brainstorming, and building strong professional relationships.

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Corporate Success Stories

The Opportunity: Scott Hunt, CEO, Hunt Bros Pizza contracted Diane Kimbrough as a speech coach for his 50 minute keynote speech at the annual company-wide holiday party. In previewing Scott, Diane discovered that Hunt Bros. was introducing a new 5 year strategic plan. With her vast experience in corporate theatre, it became apparent that this holiday party should become “an event” launching this historic 5 year Strategic Plan to the entire company. Knowing of Hunt Bros. NASCAR affiliation, she brought to the table the idea of creating an entire themed weekend, and “Hunt Bros. Pizza, Racing to the Future” was born.

“I was looking for some guidance in creating and presenting a strategic plan to our team members and brought Diane on board as my speech coach. I know that her duties went far beyond that role as the production came together. By the way, the production was awesome! She did a great job in a very short amount of time.”

Scott Hunt, CEO
 Hunt Brothers Pizza, LLC

The Results: Scott made an amazing transformation as a speaker. He went from simply standing at a podium reading hand-held note cards to deftly using Presidential Teleprompters, while taking full command of the stage. By infusing his delivery with visual and verbal energy, he made a memorable presentation and magnetic connection with his audience. In a post-event survey, Scott’s presentation received a 98% approval rate in every category. Now THAT’s success!

The Opportunity: Jenni Schaefer is a spokesperson for the Jenni Schaefer National Eating Disorders Coalition, and stays constantly booked with engagements across the country. A talented singer/songwriter, Jenni uses music as part of the message in her highly motivational presentations. She was looking to create balance between her speech and her music and for each to be dynamic.

“Diane Kimbrough’s expertise in performance is like no other out there. In just one session with her, I walked away with tools that made a big difference in my work as a speaker and singer. Audience members notice the difference and they love it!”

Jenni Schaefer, Internationally acclaimed speaker (Dr. Phil, Entertainment Tonight) and best-selling author of Life Without Ed and Goodbye Ed, Hello Me (McGraw-Hill)

The Results: Jenni well understood the power of her message, and when she was given the techniques and mindset to make it truly connect with her audience, it forever changed her approach. These are lifelong tools, not just tricks to get through an event. Her presentation has gone from being her story to being their story, creating lasting impact with her audiences. The response has been phenomenal.

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What Professionals are Saying

“Our company continues to rely on the expertise of Diane to provide innovative and engaging professional development opportunities to our employees. Her insight and knowledge is only surpassed by her enthusiasm and inspiration. She is an asset to Sarah Cannon Research Institute.”

Susan Gritton, Human Resources Director, Sarah Cannon Research Institute

“Diane, thank you for your terrific work with our television and entertainment clients. You are an amazing professional who is creative, personable, and a big thinker. You have a real gift for verbal and written communication. You always know the right thing to say at the appropriate moment in context to the audience hearing or reading the message. Our company and our clients benefited from your energy, passion and spirit de corp. I appreciate your help on our brand activating travel experiences and buzz marketing campaigns to help deliver on-brand experiences and over-the-top ideas.”

Dan Smigrod, CEO, GREAT!

“As an instructor for Management Communication classes at Lipscomb University, I am constantly on the look-out for great professionals to speak to my classes, particularly executive coaches and image consultants. Students love Diane! She’s now been a guest presenter multiple times. Students consistently talk about her passion, enthusiasm, and strong communication skills. She has a way of telling stories that stick and helping people understand the importance of making good impressions. Diane is a consummate professional.”

Leanne W. Smith, MS, MBA, Department of Management, Lipscomb University

“Diane, thank you so much for meeting with me yesterday. You gave me so much to think about and apply when interacting with those around me.
 Your tips and stories will guide me on how to best identify and meet the needs of those around me. Thank you for so generously sharing with me your experience, thoughts and feedback in regards on how to channel the waters with success.

Inés M. Macias-Pérez, Ph.D., Program Manager, Hematologic Malignancies & Transplant Research Program

“I sought an executive image coach to improve my speaking techniques when addressing an audience. It was great to receive productive, honest feedback and I feel like my presentations have been cleaner and more effective since working with Diane.
She gave great advice on how to improve delivery and her coaching with the voiceovers and copywriting was invaluable in the creation of a highly successful teacher safety video. 
I would most definitely like to meet with Diane again and work on my presentation style and effectiveness in front of large groups.”

David Brooks, Safety Engineer, Brooks Consulting Group

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Client List

  • Sarah Cannon Research Institute
  • Fleet One
  • Lipscomb University School of Business
  • Scott Hunt, CEO, Hunt Brothers Pizza
  • David Brooks, Brooks Consulting Group
  • Jody Roberts, The Allen & Roberts Group
  • Healthcare Financial Managers Association
  • Greater Nashville Apartment Association
  • Ms. Michael Murphy, MFA, LCSW
  • Liz Baumgartner, HCA